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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions and the transactions contemplated hereby shall be governed by, and in accordance with, the laws of the United Kingdom.

You have the right to withdraw (you need no reason) from the agreement by writing or contacting orally the lender. You will be able to withdraw from the agreement for up to fourteen days beginning with the day after the day you receive the executed copy.

You must repay the lender without delay and no later than thirty days after giving notice of withdrawal, the credit and any interest accrued to the date we receive payments. Payment is to be made in cash or by any other method agreed with the lender. You have the right to repay all or part of the agreement early under Section 94 of the Act by giving written or oral notice to the lender.

You have the right to received statement of account, on request, and free of charge at any time throughout the duration of the agreement pursuant to Section 77B of the Act, a statement in the form and consent pursuant to the Act.

Valley Finance ( Belfast ) LTD 

Company Number 


Registered at

17 Clarendon Road

Clarendon Dock


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