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Quick & Easy Loans
in Northern Ireland with no late fees by Valley Finance (Belfast) Ltd

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Eliminate the financial burden that’s been holding you captive. Loans that work for you - not the other way around.

100% No obligation

Get paid within 24 hours

Easy to apply

Quick loans that are designed to make life easier. 

We believe in loans that are not only easy - but sustainable. We are backed by a 100% NO LATE FEE policy. At Valley Finance, we value transparency, What you see is what you get - which is how it should be when it comes to finances. Apply for a short term loan in Northern Ireland and be rest assured that there are no hidden charges or late payment fees. 

No late fees on Quick Loans

We are a home collection credit credit company in Northern Ireland with all payments collected in your own home on a weekly basis. If you wish, you can make weekly payments via your debit card. There are no hidden charges and no late payment fees. We only cover Northern Ireland. We shall never cold call offering you a loan. Check our contact information on the FCA website. VALLEY FINANCE (BELFAST) LTD NI055702


Types of Quick Loans

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Cash Loans
Emergency loans
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Easy Loans

Cash Loans

Emergency Loans 

Short Term Loans 

It's Quick & Easy

Representative Example: 104.29% interest per annum , 481.40 APR, repaid over 20 weeks.

Stress-free Loans

Your peace of mind is our top priority. Our services are all catered to individuals who are looking for a trusted and effective Home Collection credit company in Northern Ireland. We understand that each loan is different, which is why we value offering services that allows multiple repayment options, such as an option to make weekly payments via debit card. 

We aren’t payday as we offer repayment over 20 weeks.


Furthermore,  we offer a rebate if paid before 17 weeks. 

Safe & Secure

All your data is safe and secure and we uphold the principles of data protection holding a Data Protection Licence. We do not share any of your personal information.




We will not respond to applications from England, Scotland or Wales.

Stephen Robinson

Very friendly service quick payout easy payments. I rated it 5 star's cause no quibble no awkward questions. Great company!

How can we help you?

Browse our variety of quick loans in Northern Ireland. From Cash Loans to Emergency Loans, we’ve got you covered!


  • Easy Loans

  • Cash Loans

  • Emergency Loans

  • Short Term Loans

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